Little Flower Parish

Little Flower Parish2040 Diamond Street N.E.
Canton, Ohio 44721

Phone: 330-494-2759     FAX: 330-494-2536

Daily Mass: 8 a.m

Usual Weekend Mass Schedule Throughout the Year

  • Saturday: 4:00 p.m
  • Sunday: 8:00 a.m and 11:00 a.m.


There have been exciting changes at Little Flower Catholic Parish. In the sanctuary The Mosaic of the Holy Trinity was placed on the back wall. This mosaic was dedicated on March 7, 2009. The tabernacle was raised. The statue of St. Therese, the Little Flower, was moved to the backwall of the sanctuary. Above the sanctuary and to the sides were placed two statues of angels.

In the nave, a mosaic background was placed behind the statues of Mary and Joseph. The plaques of the Stations of the Cross were repainted and given mosaic borders.

The changes to the sanctuary and the nave help more people recognize the church as a place of prayer.

In the vestibule, a statue of St. Andrew replaces the statue of St. Therese which was moved to the sanctuary.

There were changes to the Sacristry. The walls were given a stucco appearance and repainted. Three pictures (of the Last Supper, Maria Dolorosa, and St. Francis of Assisi) were added. A new wooden floor was added and covered with a new rug. All who have seen the Sacristry have been impressed.

The parking lot has seen much needed changes. It has been resurfaced. A new driveway has been added, west of the church building. The traffic pattern has been changed with the east and west driveways being EXIT ONLY while the center driveway is ENTRANCE ONLY.

A statue of Mary, the Mother of God, has been added to the Stations of the Cross leading to the Grotto of the Resurrection.  

In the office area, the heating system will allow some rooms to be heated without heating the whole building.

Mission of Little Flower Catholic Parish

A past Parish Council articulated ten "Eternal Goals" to serve as the foundation of the total parish, to include individuals, families, groups, and community.

  • To be holy.
  • To perpetuate the teachings of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.
  • To promote the Apostolic Spirit.
  • To foster the Catholic identity.
  • To live a common vision directed by the Holy Spirit.
  • To obtain Universal ownership.
  • To possess a strong moral and social conscience.
  • To promote all vocations.
  • To perpetuate the faith through the care of our youth.
  • To manifest an admirable presence.


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