Virtus Information

Diocese of Youngstown-Child Protection Requirements

Little Flower Parish

Updated: August 16, 2019 

Who has to attend the Virtus Training?

Little Flower Parish volunteers and employees working with minors are obligated to follow the guidelines mandated by the Diocese of Youngstown.

What do I have to do to volunteer?

  1. Attend a Virtus Child Protection In-Service.  
    1. This 2-hour seminar is offered monthly at Little Flower Parish and at other Churches in the Diocese.
  2. Be fingerprinted and have a BCI or FBI Background Check. 
  1. You will be asked to give a code when you are fingerprinted the codes are the following:

-NO-ORC (Parish Volunteer/Employee) 

-3319-39B1 (School Volunteer/Non-Teaching Positions) 

-3319-39B3 (School Teachers)  


-Fingerprints from an employer are allowed & must be sent to Little Flower Parish directly from the employer. 

-Fingerprints must have been taken between the years 2015-2020 

-BCI if the person has only lived in Ohio.

-FBI is required if the person has lived outside the state of Ohio in the last 5 yrs. 

-Little Flower Parish will reimburse their parishioners for fingerprints.


Where do I sign up for a class?

Check the VIRTUS website for upcoming classes. (

Click Here to find a class

When can I begin volunteering/work? 

Once you have taken the class and your fingerprints are on file you may begin volunteering/working. 

What if I have further questions about Virtus Training?

If you have any questions about Child Protection requirements please contact Joseph Frangos, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry in the Parish Office.