Virtus Information

Diocese of Youngstown-Child Protection Requirements

Little Flower Parish

Updated: September 2020

Who has to attend the Virtus Training?

Little Flower Parish volunteers and employees working with minors are obligated to follow the guidelines mandated by the Diocese of Youngstown.

What do I have to do to volunteer?

  1. Attend a Virtus Child Protection In-Service. 
  2. Be fingerprinted and have a BCI or FBI Background Check.

Where do I go to be fingerprinted? 

  1. St. Paul Parish (241 S. Main St. North Canton, OH 44720) will be fingerprinting all our volunteers. 
  2. Please let them know you are from Little Flower Parish. 
  3. St. Paul Office Hours: M,T,TH,F 9:00 am-3:00 pm (Closed Wednesday).  Please call and make an appointment @ 330-499-2201. 
  4. You will need a photo ID with you when you get fingerprinted.

Where do I sign up for a class?

Check the VIRTUS website for upcoming classes. (

Click Here to find a class

When can I begin volunteering/work? 

Once you have taken the class and your fingerprints are on file you may begin volunteering/working. 

What if I have further questions about Virtus Training?

If you have any questions about Child Protection requirements please contact the Parish Office. 

FAQ about Fingerprinting:

Q: How do I know if I need to have my fingerprints taken? 

A:  If you have not had your background check done in the last 5 years specifically for volunteering or working for the Catholic Church then you need to have your fingerprints taken and a background check done.

Q:  I went through the "Treasured Gifts from God" Child Protection Workshop several years ago for church volunteers.  Do I still have to go through the Virtus Class too?

A:  Yes.  The "Treasured Gifts from God" class is no longer valid in this diocese.  All church volunteers must have gone through the Virtus child protection class.  We started offering Virtus in September of 2016.

Q:  Do I need to do an FBI or a BCI background check with my fingerprints?

A:  If you have lived outside of Ohio in the last 5 years you need to have both the FBI and BCI (BFBI) background checks done.  If you have lived in Ohio all your life, or have not lived outside of Ohio in the past 5 years you only need to have the BCI check done.

Q:  I am only coming to drop off and pick up my child.  Do I have to go through the class and get a background check done for that?

A:  No, you don't have to.  But we recommend it because the Virtus class is PACKED with important information for parents to consider for the safety of their children.  We always say that this program should be offered to ALL parents. Plus, if you go through the process you are set to volunteer for any program at any time in the church and you won't have to think about it later. 

Q:  If I already had my background check done for my employer, do I have to have it done for the church too?

A:  Yes, the Ohio Attorney General's Office and the FBI has different reason codes listed for fingerprinting and the reason you had fingerprints done for your employer are different from the reason you are having them done for the church and they are not usable from one institution to the other.  

Q:  What is the reason code for having my fingerprints done for the church?  Do I need to know this if I get my prints done other than St. Paul?

A:  NO ORC (Other) -  and print in the blank, "Church Volunteer."  

Q:  Will Little Flower Parish reimburse me if I get my fingerprints done somewhere other than St. Paul?

A:  No, we will no longer reimburse parishioners for getting their fingerprints done at other providers.