Virtus Information

Diocese of Youngstown-Child Protection Requirements

Little Flower Parish

Updated: August 28, 2018

Who has to attend the Virtus Training?

ElevateYM volunteers and employees are obligated to follow the guidelines mandated by the Diocese of Youngstown.

What do I have to do to volunteer?

Attend a Virtus Child Protection In-Service.  

This 2-1/2 hour seminar is offered periodically at St. Paul Parish and at other Churches in the Diocese

Be fingerprinted and have a BCI or FBI Background Check.

You will be asked to give a code when you are fingerprinted the codes are the following:

-NO-ORC (Parish Volunteer/Employee)

-3319-39B1 (School Volunteer/Non-Teaching Positions)

-3319-39B3 (School Teachers)  


-Fingerprints from an employer are allowed & must be sent to St. Paul directly from the employer.

-Fingerprints must have been taken between the years 2015-2020

-BCI if the person has only lived in Ohio.

-FBI is required if the person has lived outside the state of Ohio in the last 5 yrs.

-Little Flower Parish will reimburse their parishioners for fingerprints.


Where do I sign up for a class?

Check the VIRTUS website for upcoming classes.

Click Here to find a class.


What if I have further questions about Virtus Training?

If you have any questions about Child Protection requirements please contact Joe Frangos, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry.